windows cleanThe Window Cleaning Company has been the premier window cleaning service in Sydney for well over 20 years . You can depend on every window cleaner in our employ to provide top quality service whether your project is residential, commercial, or industrial.

Our professional window cleaning services are performed by the most reliable, practical, and professional crew in the business. In our years of service, we have developed and pioneered many sophisticated techniques that enable us to accept any type of window cleaning project that you may have.

You can always count on us to take the jobs that the other guys pass on. We’ve cleaned windows for a few of the most difficult buildings around with safety always our number 1 concern.!

The leading window cleaning company in Sydney

Our window cleaners are highly trained and expert cleaning professionals


We offer commercial cleaning solutions at affordable rates.

We can restore your home to its former glory.

Our office is located in Top Floor 16 Grose Street Glebe, NSW 2037 Australia. Click on the map to for a better view.